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Take A Walk for Living Life – A Healthy Way

Take A Walk for Living Life – A Healthy Way

I a retired Army man at 67 yrs now had always been more fond of running and brisk morning walk. My best friend in each of my postings has been the Morning Walk, it always and without fail catalyzed the process for me meeting like minded people and helped in building a stronger bond just by a wave of my palm. When we are all out on the walk and look at each other, we know; we think same, that we value certain things in life that add meaning for us and that we are a group of enthusiast.

If I miss the walk for few days, I would have my morning friends enquiring about health. I walked across many cities, towns and most of the rural areas covering hills, forests from North to Northeast. Kashmir to Kerala beaches, to me the diversity in terrain and landscape had no major effect as the people and their josh of morning fun remained same throughout. I can’t even think of my favorites, the walk on the sands or circular hills, both gave me the equal pleasures, but yes the fact that I had this large basket of different places in my life ensured that I kept enjoying.

Let’s get to the pointers:

  1. Walk in the morning sun is a real life treat. A friend with no demands, just real fun of companionship.
  2. It lets us all enjoy to the hilt for its enormous health benefits and positive results.
  3. Brisk Morning walk at speed of 5 Kmph for about 40 minutes or so daily is one of the best exercise for all ages and genders.
  4. Speed may vary to suit the age and capability.
  5. It should rather be a volunteer and tension free activity with whole hearted participation.
  6. Few of its most precious benefits are:-

    (a) It helps burn calories the healthy way, tones up body and keeps digestive system fit n fine. 

    (b) It strengthens the heart, making it stronger and more efficient.

     (c) Lowers blood pressure and boosts up the immune system.

     (d) Improves the mood, lowers the stress level, if any, and brings in creative positive thinking.

     (e) Reduces sugar level in blood, boosts energy level, reduces waist line adds to cheers and confidence level in life.

     (f)  Eases Joints pain, strengthens muscles and boosts up morale.

     (g) Certainly enhances quality of life with much more pleasure, improves memory and cuts down the visits to Doctors and Physicians.

This activity needs nothing more than a good pair of shoes, will power and self commitment. You pick the length of your journey and the speed that you want. You may walk in a group or go solo it doesn’t matter much. I would rather recommend a mix of both as convenient; try never to miss it for want of company. Finally this Great Great activity may not be able to add many years to one’s life but will definitely add full life to one’s Years.

So let’s brace up to a better life by staying active, young at heart and healthy ever.

Happy walking and Enjoy your Morning Walk Ever, Best of Luck…

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